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Quebec Muskies Study

This year Muskies Canada and its Montreal chapter begins a collaboration with the Quebec Minister of Forestry, Wildlife and Parks for an extensive study of the muskellunge populations in Quebec. The study will focus on identifying muskellunge spawning habitat in lake Saint-Pierre for possibly better protect or develop these habitats. The study has also an objective the get a status on muskies populations in Quebec.

The Montreal Chapter is proud to announce the financial participation of Muskies Canada to help finance the study for an initial amount of $ 3,000. This was confirmed at Muskies Canada annual general meeting which was held in Peterborough last weekend.

The Montreal Chapter will also contribute financially to the study for a sum of $ 2,000.

At the annual general meeting, the Ottawa Chapter has also offered its support by giving us a check for $ 500 to help the study.

So it's an initial amount of $ 5,500 that will donate to finance the study!

Thank you to the Ottawa Chapter and to the NEC members for their generous support!